Avocado and Papaya

Nothing more nothing less just super healthy breakfast,

Reach in good fats, vitamins and minerals

One of my favourite ones.

Macronutrients facts based on half of avocado and half of papaya

206 Calories

Carbs 23.6g

Fats 10.7g

Protein 2.5g

So why do we really need to train?

“I want to lose some weight.”  Well cut the crap from your diet and you should be fine!

“I want to lose my excess body fat.”  Okay good intentions, but it’s been proven that training alone is not good enough.

“I want to look attractive to the opposite sex.”  That’s understandable but imagine the whole world is blind, how many people would you impress then?!

We need to move because our body is designed to do so! Main purposes of the muscles is to bring movement. If you don’t, you are doing something against your own nature. When we exercise, our hormonal balance is changing making us happier, more positive, more alert even more intelligent. So automatically our confidence gets missive boost. Physically we develop bigger and better freedom of movement which again is making our daily routines easier. Better, lean muscle mass slows down aging process, it makes us look and FEEL younger for longer. Our immune system gets stronger, keeping us healthier and the sex is better too! Maintaining healthy leaving dramatically reducing chances of getting diabetes, cancer, dementia, osteoporosis, heart problems, strokes and many others serious health conditions.

You have to relies something, that looking after your own well-being is not only for your own benefit but Is for everyone around you too!

“I am training to be the hottest girlfriend (or boyfriend) you have ever had”

“I am training to be the hottest ex you have ever had”

“I am training so my children can say my dad (or mum) is a real bad ass”

“I am living healthy life style because I want to die young as late as possible”

“Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too!”