About me

I asked my clients what they thought of my training, and this is what they said:

Nurturing … Tough … Fun … Professional … Successful

I believe this says a lot about the hard work, great attitude and focused attitude of my clients!

Throughout my 10-year career, with a variety of qualifications and continuous development, I have trained celebrities, doctors, lawyers, housewives, businessmen, teachers, students and many other individuals from all walks of life. During that time, I have learned that we may well vary from each other but, in essence, we all want the same thing: to be better than we were yesterday.

Having a breadth of skills and experience in nutrition, weight lifting, yoga, calisthenics, cardio and functional training allows me to pick the best aspects and most effective approach to reaching your ambitions and fitness goals.

Since I came to the realisation that physical activity and our diet has a profound effect on how we feel not only physically but mentally and spiritually too, I have dedicated my life and time to educating myself on anatomy, physiology and most importantly on nutrition, to have a better understanding of how our body works.

Making a positive difference to others should be a part of everyone’s existence. I feel so grateful that I am doing this for a living.