Personal Training

One-to-one training is the most effective way to target your particular areas of strength and weaknesses. Personal training is about what is personal and relevant to you, and I support and respect your journey. Discussing your unique history and goals helps me to better understand your physical and mental barriers that are restricting you from achieving your health and fitness aspirations. Working on mechanical functions of your body, correcting postural imbalances, analysing and adjusting your dietary habits will have a considerable influence on your personal development and progression towards more advance and challenging goals.

Make no mistake – I can be tough, I will push you to explore your personal threshold. But it will be relevant to your journey I am guiding you on, mixing cardiovascular, weights, calisthenics and yoga. Allow me to guide you into feeling great!


My boot-camps are designed to help improve your fitness levels with variety of mobility, strength and conditioning exercises using your own body weight and functional equipment. For many people, training in a group environment is the perfect way to power through the workout. With the mutual support of the fellow participants and the instructor, you will often find the inspiration and motivation to push yourself a little further.

Exercising in a fun, social environment, with new challenges and diversity of exercises during the boot-camp sessions is what gives you a feel-good factor, accomplishment and a sense of achievement. From burpies-to-music, tug-of-war fun, to group lunges and push-ups – come join us for boot-camp!

Corporate & Group Sessions

Are you part of a like-minded group with shared fitness goals and ambitions? You could work for the same company, or know each other through a slimming or sports club. I offer targeted group sessions for:

  • Corporate fitness: fitness sessions for employees to improve mobility and movement, help with stress relief, clearing minds, and getting out from behind the computer for group development. Typically run at lunch-times, if you are a manager or leader with care for your employees wellbeing, or are an employee who has a group of colleagues who want group sessions to break up the work day – I can offer quality sessions at corporate rates to progress your group goals.
  • Group fitness: members of clubs such as football, golf or slimming clubs have a great opportunity to support each other because you have shared fitness and wellness goals. Club together (7 or more) and contact me for a group fitness sessions and rates tailored specifically for your shared goals – whether that is strengthening your goal-striking leg, improving cardiovascular stamina or reducing weight. Together we can have fun and unlock your potential.