According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, physical fitness is defined  as “a set of attributes that people have or achieve that relates to the ability to perform physical activity.”

Well … okay, that’s fine – but I see fitness as something much bigger than just the ‘physical’. Fitness helps us have a healthy mind, body, and spirit. It allows us to develop and maximize our physical, intellectual and spiritual potentials so we can help others to maximize theirs. Our body influences our mind and spirit – these three aspects are equally important. They depend on each other and they are affected by each other. If you just work on only one or two of them you may never unlock your full potential.

Training is not just lifting barbells, losing weight or gaining some muscles. There is a strong integration between your body with your mind and your spirit. If you push your body beyond your physical threshold, you can improve all three of them instantly! But only If you reach that threshold. Unfortunately, most of us are too afraid to get to that point. However, if you do, you will automatically become a better person. A person stronger not only physically but mentally and spiritually too!

Training has a spiritual and therapeutic perspective. Try to see your training session as battle with your greatest opponent– Yourself!   A battle with all your fears and dreams, with all your insecurities and all your pain. Each session should lead to one exquisite moment where your body is refusing to move any further or to hold a position any longer or push one more rep. This is the moment where you are going to face your greatest enemy. The enemy within. At this point it is up to you if you will achieve your New You!